Trade Repairs

WeyShare provides an expert tool servicing and repair service for local tradespeople and businesses...from its base at The Circular Shop in Lennox Street, Weymouth. Our in-house repairer is a former aeronautical engineer and can pretty much fix anything within reason! This is how the process works at the moment (we are just getting going with this service!):

If you have tools that you regularly need servicing or repairing contact us by email or click/scan the WhatsApp QR code on the right to discuss setting up an account. Once we have agreed everything leave the rest to us.

We can save you a lot of money by not having to throw good tools away, keeping them in tip top working condition. All of the tools we loan out havebeen repaired and serviced by us and you wouldn't believe how many required a fairly quick and simple fix with  one or two parts!