Terms and Conditions

Joining Weyshare

To become a member of Weyshare you must:

  • Be aged 18 or over

  • Give your personal details for use on Weyshare’s membership and library software Weyshare (lend-engine-app.com): Full name, current address and valid email address

  • Agree to these Terms and Conditions and the Weyshare Liability Waiver

Being a member

  1. You confirm that you are over 18 years of age.

  2. You agree to keep your personal details on the Weyshare library software up to date, and correct. At Weyshare, we are committed to protecting your privacy and to being transparent about how we collect and use your personal information. For more information visit Policies (weyforward.net)

Reserving things

  1. You agree to use Weyshare's library software to manage your Weyshare borrowing. Things must be reserved and renewed through your account. All reservations will be confirmed by an email booking confirmation. Weyshare reserves the right to refuse or limit renewals and will do so based on demand. Weyshare reserves the right to refuse the borrowing of any thing at its discretion.

  2. You agree to cancel unneeded reservations in good time. If you no longer need to borrow an item or cannot fulfil a reservation, you agree to cancel it to make it available to other members.

  3. You agree to pay outstanding payments. Any outstanding payments must be paid in full before reserving and borrowing additional things.

Borrowing things

  1. You agree to the borrowing period of one week for all things, and things are to be returned to Weyshare on or before their stated return date.

  2. You agree to visually check the things before borrowing and using them, especially for electrical equipment. For example, check the wires and plug for any visible damage before use, and don’t use any items outside or near water if not intended for those uses.

  3. You agree to keep the borrowed things safe and store them securely.

  4. You agree to not permit the use of things checked out to you by any other person unless by the express permission of Weyshare. Only you are authorised to use things you borrow from Weyshare. You are insured to use the borrowed things – but nobody else is insured to use them. If anyone else uses them, that person is not insured for any damage to their person or their property. For example, if you are hosting an event using things borrowed from Weyshare, you will need your own public liability insurance.

  5. You agree to use the borrowed things in a safe and proper manner. You are responsible for using any item you borrow for the job it is intended to do, familiarising yourself with how to use the thing, taking appropriate precautions and wearing personal protective equipment where necessary. Weyshare accepts no responsibility for demonstrating usage. For more information see Liability Waiver.

  6. You agree to immediately stop using any borrowed thing if it becomes unsafe or in a state of disrepair.

  7. You agree to tell Weyshare about any accidental damage immediately by emailing connor@weyforward.net. You understand that Weyshare is not responsible for any manufacturing defects in quality of workmanship or materials inherent in any borrowed things.

  8. You agree to not use the borrowed things to do professional work where you are charging a fee to a third party. You will not be insured for this activity, and risk your membership being terminated.

Returning things

  1. You agree to return all borrowed things on time, so the next member isn’t kept waiting. Borrowed things may only be returned during opening hours. If you have a problem returning the item, please contact us immediately. If borrowed things are not returned on time, you will incur a late fee and you will be notified. This late fee will be £5 per day for each thing not returned. If you do not return the item after one week of the stated return date, the item may be considered a ‘non return’ and you may be charged the full replacement cost of a new item.

  2. You agree to return all borrowed things in good condition. All borrowed things are to be returned in the same (or better) condition as they were issued, barring normal wear and tear. All borrowed things must be returned clean, and if things are returned in a state that would cause an unpleasant experience for the next member we reserve the right to charge a cleaning fee of £5.

  3. You agree to accept Weyshare’s assessment of the condition of returned things and any fair compensation for damage, misuse, delinquency, and/or loss of things in part or in total. This cost could equal the full replacement value of the things.

  4. You agree to pay fees promptly. Fees must be paid in full before borrowing additional things. Fees will be no more than the cost price of the things if bought new. Weyshare reserves the right to use appropriate steps to retrieve damaged things or unpaid fees and costs, including the use of legal action and charge you with the cost of any such action. Weyshare also reserves the right to forgive fees due to special circumstances.